A Modern Take on the Southern Porch Tea Party

Collaboration is the backbone of our business, and dreaming up the ways we can come together with other small business is one of my favorite parts of my job. So when we decided we wanted to do something with Blush Bridal, a modern wedding gown boutique located in the Historic Haymount district of Fayetteville, well -- it was an immediate "Let's use that huge front porch."

And so, rather organically, we came up with the concept of this bright and airy front porch tea. Fusing our love of Southern charm and some modern bohemian touches such as the use of vibrant greenery, cut citrus, seasonal ranunculus, and a high-back peacock chair -- we hosted 35 women and their big hats for tea. We recently added those clear embossed goblets to our inventory and loved including them in the tablescape! 

Our table was bountifully filled with a delicious menu by Shelia Delacruz of The Humble Bakery and included chocolate macaroons, chickpea curry sandwiches, petit fours, and more. Loose-leaf tea selection was from Winterbloom Tea, who has the best tea selection in our city. Guests enjoyed building their own tea bags and steeping them in mismatched vintage china. The proceeds of this event went to a non-profit called Brides Across America. This organization gifts wedding dresses and entire weddings to service members and being military spouses, we felt it was a very worthy cause that hit close to home.

Here are some pictures from Light and Cedar Photography Co., we just couldn't keep them to ourselves any longer! Love, [A]